The Australian DBT Institute gives consumers & carers the confidence that accredited DBT programs apply treatment in an evidence-based manner that emphasises clinical outcomes and results.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Programs

The Australian DBT Institute works with private providers to accredit their programs in Victoria and Queensland ensuring they are accessible and responsive to individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder and individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder traits. The following programs apply DBT in an evidence based manner having received training, development and support from the Australian DBT Institute staff lead by Peter King and Tina Cicolini.


Essentia Heath (Highett, Victoria)

Alfred Hospital (Melbourne, VIC)


Essentia Heath (Southbank, QLD)

headspace (Meadowbrooke, QLD)

headspace (Ipswich, QLD)

Lakeside Rooms (Gold Coast, QLD)

Logan Mental Health (Logan, QLD)

YETI (Cairns, QLD)


Essentia Health (Rozelle, NSW)

Programs adopting DBT like strategies

The following programs apply an evidence based approach having received training, and development input from the Australian DBT Institute staff. Programs don’t claim to be DBT programs however adopt a DBT like approach to meet effective outcomes for program participants.


Essentia Health & Wellbeing Centre (Adapted DBT Program – Antenatal, Youth and AOD) – Essentia Health

RUSH Program (Adapted DBT Program for Corrections) – Myndscape (Melbourne, VIC)


RUSH Program (Adapted DBT Program for Corrections) – Queensland Corrections (Statewide, QLD)

Mindful Mummas Lakeside Rooms (Gold Coast, QLD)

A range of staff from the Townsville Mental Health Service attended a 5 day training by the Centre for Mental Health Education. Staff integrate a range of DBT strategies within their programs. Townsville Mental Health (Townsville, QLD)

The Australian DBT Institute provides leadership to the mental health sector in the application of DBT and modified DBT programs for specific populations that include youth, Indigenous Australians, correctional settings and psychiatric emergency settings. Should you seek training or to develop a DBT service in your organisation please contact Gareth on 03 9090 7221 or email at