2020 DBT Group Programs Announced!

Due to overwhelming demand all of our groups are now fully booked until 2021. 

The Australian DBT Institute is running our trauma informed approach to DBT group programs in Melbourne.

The Australian DBT Institute’s programs have been led by Institute Director Dr. Peter King since 2005. The Institute’s model of best practice has been replicated around Australia, Singapore and South Africa where Peter and his team have supported the development of DBT programs, educated Mental Health Professionals and evaluated a range of DBT and DBT informed programs.

From the Essentia Health & Wellbeing Centre in Bayside region of Melbourne, the Australian DBT Institute offers a trauma informed approach to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy which is referred to as DBT-TI.

What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)?
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), developed by Marsha Linehan PhD at the University of Washington, is a type of psychotherapy (sometimes called “talking therapy”) for Borderline Personality
Disorder (BPD).

DBT is a cognitive behavioural therapy, meaning it is a therapy that focuses on the role of cognition (e.g., thoughts and beliefs) and behaviours (e.g., actions) in the development and the treatment of BPD. DBT includes some changes to the traditional cognitive behavioural elements of therapy in order to help specifically reduce the symptoms of BPD.

Theoretical Basis for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
DBT is based on Dr. Linehan’s theory regarding emotion dysregulation (core problem of BPD), resulting from mixing biology (e.g., genetic and other biological risk factors) and an emotionally unstable
childhood environment (e.g., where caregivers punish, trivialise or respond erratically to the child’s
expression of emotion) together. The focus of DBT is on helping the client learn and apply skills that will decrease emotion dysregulation and unhealthy attempts to cope with strong emotions.

Australian DBT Institute’s DBT-TI Program

DBT-TI Program (17 plus years)
Our DBT-TI program runs over three terms of 10 weeks each. Our DBT program is an open group with participants able to commence their DBT program following a 4-6 session intake with skills training entry at
the mindfulness commencement of each module. The commitment for each participant is 30 sessions of group and 30 Individual Therapy sessions over 3 academic terms.

Intake: To access an appointment please SMS to Teagan (Research Assistant) on 0401 535 188 or email teagan@cmhe.com.au

Intake to be completed beforeProgram Commencement
1st Intake• Friday 17th April 2020• Wednesday 22nd April 2020
2nd Intake• Friday 10th July 2020• Wednesday 15th July 2020
3rd Intake• Friday 2nd October 2020• Wednesday 7th October 2020

Program Cost
The total cost of our DBT Program (Individual Therapy & Group) without any Medicare rebates:
• DBT-TI Group Program – $30 per week over 30 weeks for the Group Program
• DBT Individual Therapy – to be negotiated with your individual therapist

Payments are due at the start of each week and clients choosing the weekly payment are advised that cancellations or non-attendance will incur costs.

Referrals from General Practitioners, Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals can be made to our intake staff on 03 9077 2096 or email dbt@essentiahealth.com.au

To assist with our referral and program intake process please ensure you have your client’s consent in writing and any recent assessment related to your client’s referral presentation.

Feedback & Discharge
Referring doctors and mental health professionals will be informed of discharge 14 days prior. A follow-up phone call will be made with the patient within 72 hours of discharge. Further follow-up
calls will be made at 6 weeks and 6 months post discharge.


The Australian DBT Institute’s DBT-TI program is run from the Essentia Health & Wellbeing Centre in Bayside region of Melbourne at 144 Martin Street Brighton VIC 3186. Our skills program is run by mental health professionals who have been intensively trained and mentored by the Australian DBT Institute.

Groups are run on Wednesdays beginning at 11am and concluding at 1pm in the Essentia Health & Wellbeing Centre’s group room. Each DBT-TI skills group will have between 4 and 10 individuals attending. Potential participants are advised to review the below expectations.

Foundation Phase: Starts 4th March 2020 (NO FEE)

– Program Overview
– Treatment Targets & Goals

Term 1: Starts 22nd April 2020

– Mindfulness Skills
– Managing Crisis Situations

Term 2: Starts July 15th 2020

– Mindfulness Skills
– Managing Emotions

Term 3: Starts October 7th 2020

– Mindfulness Skills
– Managing Relationships

All participants agree to the following expectations of our program:

– Participate in our research project (non identifiable data will be gathered in exploring the effectiveness of our DBT-TI approach

–  Attend foundation sessions with our research assistant

–  Attend group sessions and individual therapy sessions

–  2 weeks leave in between each 10 week term

–  Agree to the DBT group guidelines (see DBT Guidelines attached)

–  Attend additional follow-up sessions with our research assistant

–  Complete your weekly homework tasks

–  Complete your DBT-TI diary on a weekly basis

–  Abide by the guidelines of the program including: not entering relationships with otherparticipants, not attending intoxicated or hung over and being on time

–  Payment of weekly fees as negotiated with your individual therapist and $30 for group