The Australian DBT Institute is a specialist service of Gold Coast DBT Pty Ltd developed in 2004 to provide leadership in the delivery of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), mindfulness-based approaches and modified DBT programs. Each year the institute develops mental health professionals throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Our DBT workshops include one day workshops (introduction, skills, individual therapy, AOD populations & youth), four day retreats (Far North Queensland, & Thailand) and our six-twelve month comprehensive training in DBT (Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast & Singapore). Each year the Australian DBT Institute is also contracted by individual workplaces to develop their own DBT programs and educate staff onsite.

From 2018 our Executive Director, Peter King, will be running a number workshops in Stabilisation Based Therapy (SBT). Peter developed SBT from 20 years of clinical experience and through the outcomes of his PhD which identified effective interventions for individuals with emotion dysregulation including Complex PTSD and BPD. Peter’s 9-day program (over 3 x long weekends) covers aspects of DBT and Somatic Trauma Therapy as well as a phase-based approach to the management of individuals through crisis to trauma memory processing. Click here or more information about Intensive Training: Effective Management of Complex Presentations (PTSD, C-PTSD & BPD)

Australian DBT Institute works with partner organisations, including our parent company Gold Coast DBT Pty Ltd, Essentia Health Clinics, and Centre for Mental Health Education, to provide accredited programs that meet the therapeutic needs of individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder traits in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Our accredited partners employ staff trained in the application of DBT and participate in research activities at the Australian DBT Institute.


Gold Coast DBT Pty Ltd is a private company that contracts a range of consultants with outstanding reputations for the delivery of quality consultancy, clinical and education services in the mental health service sector. Gold Coast DBT Pty Ltd offers a unique service that is delivered across multiple sites in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Gold Coast DBT Pty Ltd Services include:

Our specialist knowledge in the public & private mental health sector; mindfulness; Borderline Personality Disorder; and service development offer contracting companies/organisations a unique perspective that covers a wide range clinical and program development areas.

    • Our staff includes many of Australia’s leading consulting, clinical and educational specialists in mental health
    • Our staff offer a national service to mental health providers including education, coaching, supervision, consultancy, program development and use of the latest technologies
    • Our staff have a high level of research output in areas including program development, borderline personality disorder, clinical practice and management
    • Our staff have experience in teaching for specialist psychiatric trainees, allied health professionals and students up to PhD level
    • Our staff hold professional qualification at masters or PhD level
    • Our staff currently hold senior clinical positions in the public mental health, education and private mental health sectors in addition to their consultancy work with Gold Coast DBT Pty Ltd
    • Our staff are guided by best practices and the evidence of the latest research

To discuss your organisation’s needs contact our team to identify a solution to best meet your organisation’s or emerging private practice needs please contact Dianne on 03 9448 2361 or email