Executive Team

Dr. Peter King Ph.D., Institute Director – Dr. King has extensive experience as a Senior Clinician & Educator on Melbourne CAT teams and is a sought-after consultant. Peter provides education and program development in specialty areas that include Borderline Personality Disorder, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Crisis Intervention, Psychiatric Emergencies, Somatic Trauma Therapy and Mindfulness-based approaches in mental health care. Peter has specialist training in CBT, DBT, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Mindfulness and his Ph.D. explores treatments for individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder and clinicians’ training needs. Peter has developed numerous adaptions of DBT for a variety of settings including “Dialectics at Work!“, public mental health services and Indigenous populations. Peter is also an Adjunct Lecturer with Griffith University and is the Consortium Chair of Meadowbrook and Beaudesert headspace. Peter’s website: click here

Crystal Black BPsych, MAASW, DBT Coordinator – Crystal coordinates the Australian DBT Institute’s group programs, facilitates DBT programs and provides individual therapy in DBT. Crystal has completed a Bachelor of Psychology and is currently completing a Master of social work degree. Crystal is a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers. Crystal has gained a range of practical experience in a variety of settings including sexual assault and domestic violence services, schools, and child safety, this has provided her with the knowledge and skills to work with individuals of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Crystal’s professional interests include providing effective therapeutic interventions to individuals and families of all age groups including children, adolescents, and adults presenting with a range of mental health issues including anxiety disorders, depression, Borderline personality disorder, PTSD, autism, grief, and loss, and drugs and alcohol. Crystal is trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive behaviour therapy, Schema therapy, EMDR, and Acceptance and Commitment therapy.

Dr. Claudia Herrera MD, Ph.D. (Candidate), Research Manager – Dr. Claudia is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, and DBT therapist with a Master’s in Public Health. Claudia has a range of clinical experiences in Colombia and Australia. Claudia’s research experience is with Harvard University, the Colombian DBT Institute, and the Australian DBT Institute in a variety of topics including Borderline Personality Disorder, DBT, ECT, catatonic presentations, and family function. Current research projects Claudia leads include the Australian DBT Institute’s research program which currently includes: Organisational based implementations of DBT; Adaption of DBT for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum, Using ANS regulation as a measure of therapeutic progress; Stabilization based therapy project; DBT telehealth and DBT phone coaching projects.

Aleksandar Stojkovski MBA, MPH, General Manager & Health Promotions Manager Aleksandar has gained a range of skills from his post-graduate studies (Master in Business Administration and Master of Public Health) and from his managerial roles in the Health and Medical Industry both in Australia and Macedonia. He is a healthcare leader with a proven record of maximising healthcare quality and safety outcomes through data-driven approaches to improvement. Highly organised, creative, analytical thinker who excels at strategic and tactical methods. Expertise includes managing large and small healthcare companies with proven success in quality improvement, strategic planning, and business outcome. 

Institute Teaching Faculty

  • Dr. Peter King, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse & Psychotherapist (DBT-TI, ATSI-DBT, RUSH, Emergency Psychiatry, Stabilisation, DBT for IPU, DBT Extended Day Program and DBT Training, DBT for PTSD & Trauma Populations).
  • Dr. Julie King, Clinical Psychologist (Youth DBT, DBT for Family & Friends and DBT Training)
  • Dr. Laura Sorbello, Clinical Psychologist (RUSH Program)
  • Naomi Ramsdell, Social Worker (Emergency Psychiatry, Stabilisation Based Approaches, and Crisis Intervention)
  • Brad Stolz-Brobusch, Clinical & Counselling Psychologist (Mindfulness-Based Approaches, AOD Adaptions in DBT, Supervision in DBT, DBT for IPU, DBT Extended Day Program and DBT Training)

Institute Clinical Staff – Essentia Health Brighton

  • Dr. Peter King, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse & Psychotherapist 
  • Dr. Julie King, Clinical Psychologist
  • Brad Stolz-Brobusch, Clinical & Counselling Psychologist
  • Dr. Lilian Nejad, Clinical Psychologist
  • Aoife McCann, Child Psychologist
  • Annabelle Waldron, Psychologist
  • Dr. Natasha Doulgeridis, Child Psychologist

Institute Clinical Staff – Gold Coast DBT Clinic

  • Dr. Peter King, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse & Psychotherapist 
  • Tim McIntyre, Clinical Psychologist
  • Jacklyn Whybrow, Credentialed Mental Health Social Worker
  • Sam Whybrow, Credentialed Mental Health Social Worker
  • Noa Rotenberg, Clinical Psychologist
  • Mudit Vashist,  Clinical Psychologist
  • Elizabeth Mahoney, Psychologist
  • Dr. Claudia Herrera, General Practitioner & Psychotherapist
  • Jennifer Ranieri, Counsellor & DBT Skills Coach

Institute Administrative & Management Team

  • Aleksandar Stojkovski, General & Health Promotions Manager
  • Dianne Denny, Relationships & Logistics Coordination
  • Teagan King, Research Assistant/Provisional Psychologist
  • Caitlyn King, Research Assistant

Institute Research & Ethics Committee

Human Research Ethics Committee of the Australian DBT Institute as of April 2021. Australian DBT Institute staff will continue to support the development of our HREC until full membership is established and then will relinquish membership to ensure the committee’s independence from the Australian DBT Institute’s research projects.

  • Dr. Peter King, Interim Committee Chairperson
  • Dr. Claudia Herrera, Interim Committee Secretary & Institute’s Research Coordinator
  • Brad Stolz-Brobusch, Clinical & Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Trials Investigator