The Australian DBT Institute offers group supervision for clinicians interested in working with clients with emotion dysregulation, borderline personality disorder or are seeking an approach to stabilise their clients.

Our DBT Supervision group is adapted from the consultation team component of dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). The role of the consultation team is to assist in the therapeutic process by providing feedback and support to therapists. Our experience, and that of the research, indicates that therapists who participate in consultation team show higher level of adherence to DBT than those who seldom met with a team and as such the Australian DBT Institute will offer this monthly Supervision Group for individual therapists and teams unable to schedule consultation team meetings. Our monthly meetings provide advice, share ideas and discuss ways to cope with difficult clients. Evidence also indicates that participation in a consultation team reduces the likelihood of burnout. DBT Consultation Team Format

Clinicians are notoriously busy and finding a DBT team to fit in around heavy clinical loads can be extremely difficult. Our options for supervision include the following:

1/ Group Supervision in Southport QLD (the monthly fee for team supervision is from $99 plus GST if in Australia). Contact our team on +61 7 5647 3438

  • maximum of 8 clinicians
  • supervised by an Intensively Trained DBT clinician
  • 2 hour monthly sessions
  • annual agreements and commitment to attendance
  • sessions are recorded
  • access to a central library of DBT resources

2/ Online Consultation Teams (the fortnightly fee for consult team is from $55 includes GST if in Australia). Our online teams are accepting new referrals for our next 6-month fortnightly program commencing in July 2021!

Dates include: Sessions are on Tuesdays with the first fortnightly session on Tuesday 6th July 2021 (5pm Brisbane; 3pm Perth or 7pm Auckland…8am London the day before)

  • maximum of 12 clinicians
  • all new participants are given FREE access to the Online Foundations in DBT course
  • supervised by an Intensively Trained DBT clinician
  • 6-month agreements and commitment to attendance
  • access to discussion forum 24/7
  • fortnightly consult team via Zoom
  • access to a central library of DBT resources

All clinicians interested in joining one of our consultation teams will go on a waitlist until the supervision group has a 70% of capacity membership. To express your interest in the DBT Group Supervision or online consultation teams please send an expression of interest using the below form.

Please indicate your current profession in mental health, psychology and/or the counselling sector
Please tick all boxes which apply to your experience working with a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy approach.
Please tick all boxes for the times and days you are prepared to participate in the DBT consultation team