Dr. Peter King developed a trauma informed approach to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT-TI) in early 2008 and consolidated his approach following the completion of his Ph.D. which explored effective therapeutic interventions for individuals with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. Dr. King’s DBT-TI approach seeks to achieve a level of safety and stabilisation within individuals before proceeding to therapeutic techniques such as prolonged exposure, insight analysis and therapeutic processing. Essential to DBT-TI is integrating interventions and resources into an individual’s current life while strengthening existing resources!

Dr. King’s DBT-TI Workbook will be available for purchase online from June 2020 as well as at Essentia Health in the Bayside region of Melbourne.

Dr. King facilitates DBT-TI programs, provides supervision and individual therapy from Essentia Health. He also provides workshops face to face and online in trauma informed approaches and dialectical behaviour therapy.

Sample DBT-TI Worksheets