In September 2014, the Institute will launch a new DBT informed program… Dialectics at Work which uses dialectics and DBT skills training to help medium to large business develop, extend and retain quality staff. We know from our own development and clinical experiences that dialectical relationships at an inter-personal level can result in tremendous learning and growth.  Diversity in human experience provides a rich source of creativity and energy and can generate, dialectically, all kinds of new possibilities for development, innovation and advancement.  Dialectics at Work offers a range of benefits to teams offering open opportunities which are created for mutual sharing of contrasting ideas, experiences and insights in order to enhance learning and development.

Skills Development Modules

  • Awareness Skills
  • Self-care
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Emotional Strength

 Mentoring & Coaching

Community Engagement

More details available closer to our program launch date in September 2014. If you are a medium to large business we invite your interest in this innovative program. Feel free to contact Peter on 03 9090 7221 or email to register your interest.