The Australian DBT Institute has been delivering a range of private fee-for-service counselling and DBT programs through Telehealth (online) since 2014. DBT Assist is a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy specific platform developed to support individuals with extreme emotion regulation difficulties acquire and retaining DBT and trauma-informed resources/skills. 

DBT Assist’s Telehealth services are delivered via Zoom and/or Cliniko which meet industry standards for safety and security within the Health Sector. Our therapists are mainly from Victoria and Queensland and have completed comprehensive training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

 The administration team at Gold Coast DBT manages appointments and can arrange for an appointment to match your needs or refer to one of our senior clinicians for an intake appointment to best match you to the most appropriate therapist. 

Referrals/Appointment call 07 5647 3438 or email

Further information about our online groups, including frequently asked questions can be found at our online education portal DBT Assist

DBT ASSIST – an online platform for DBT Groups

DBT Assist is an online service of the Australian DBT Institute which supports individual participants learn DBT skills through an online education portal. DBT Assist supports Mental health professionals teach DBT skills in online DBT groups and through self-paced learning. DBT Assist provide access to web-based interventions that can be classified into those that are guided (groups and individual support by mental health professionals) or those that are automated (self-paced learning with email and video prompts to assist progress through content).

The Australian DBT Institute has developed DBT programs since 2004 in locations that include Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa and the UK. Our unique approach includes using pop culture and educational videos to teach and reinforce DBT skills. The Institute provides a model of best practice that has been replicated around Australia where the Institute supports the development of DBT programs, educates staff, and evaluates Australian DBT programs.

DBT Assist gives participants a number of options including learning DBT Skills in a group, one on one and more…

– Online DBT Groups
– DBT Groups led by a local practitioner
– DBT Groups led by DBT-Assist Certified Peer Facilitators
– Graduate DBT Groups
– One on One Sessions with a DBT-Assist Certified Practitioner
– DBT-Assist Self Paced Program
– Trauma informed DBT Program