Updates on Credentialing and CPD Training Levels!

The Australian DBT Institute has been around since 2003. We deliver a range of CPD opportunities to mental health professionals, provide leadership in the delivery of DBT programs and conduct research into a range of DBT-informed programs. In 2017, the institute released a range of online CPD opportunities including online courses and webinars. Although we have been around for 17 years we continue to evolve with the evidence, feedback from consumers & clinicians and our experiences.

To assist mental health professionals with development in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy informed approaches we have re-organised our workshops and credentialing as follows:


  • LEVEL 1 – Foundations: Foundations in DBT and Foundations in Stabilisation Based Therapy (SBT) Participants seeking to access training in Levels 2a and above must complete an online or face to face foundations training before attending additional workshops.
  • LEVEL 2a – General Integration: Skills, & Individual Therapy in DBT
  • LEVEL 2b – Specialist Integration: Adaptations for Youth, AOD, Private Practice & Crisis Services
  • LEVEL 3 – Implementation: Comprehensive Training in DBT & Intensive Training in SBT
  • LEVEL 4 – Advanced DBT Practice: Credentialing weekends; Advanced Practice Applications of DBT and Advanced Practice Applications of SBT

The Australian DBT Institute delivers the before mentioned workshops in individual workplaces and through open registration workshops (both in person and online).

Open Registration workshops can be found at http://www.cmhe.com.au/

Online CPD programs can be found at https://cmhe.learnworlds.com/author/courses

The Australian DBT Institute has joined a consortium of international organisations to credential mental health professionals in DBT. These new standards are to be released on the 1st June 2020 following extensive consultation and a modelling process which has seen Australian and South African clinicians, who have completed comprehensive training and who have met additional criterion, credentialed over the past 12 months.

Clinicians who have met the criterion in the following link can apply for credentialing. All clinicians who have completed the Australian DBT Institute Comprehensive Training in DBT meet the education component of credentialing and will not be required to pay the application fee for credentialing and will be credentialed for a period of 18 months. Link to credentialing criteria http://dbtinstitute.com.au/credentialing-in-dbt/

If you have completed an Australian DBT Institute Comprehensive Training and have not received your credentialing certificate please complete the following questionnaire to receive your certificate within 14 days at no charge! Link: https://us10.list-manage.com/survey?u=c21102efaab425d5482b3bbf6&id=bb0e5855b4