Welcome to the DBT Institute

The Australian DBT Institute is a specialist service of the Centre for Mental Health Education providing leadership in the delivery of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), mindfulness based approaches and modified DBT programs for over 12 years.

Our service initially hosted Marsha Linehan’s senior trainers from Behavioral Tech LLC to deliver 2 day trainings throughout Australia and intensive training in Brisbane and Melbourne. Since our formation our team led by Peter King (Director) and Tina Cicolini (Clinical Director) have been requested by a number of services to assist with the implementation of effective solutions for the management emotion dysregulation and Borderline Personality Disorder. Our ATSI-DBT program has also received much acclaim with adaptions recognised in the Commonwealth Parliament, awarded an Indigenous Community Justice Award and currently funded by the Department of Health for application in community and sporting organisations.

In addition to our clinical programs from the Essentia Health & Wellbeing Centre, Rozelle and Lakeside Rooms, the Australian DBT Institute works with partner organisations to provide accredited programs that meet the therapeutic needs of individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder traits in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Our accredited partners employ staff trained in the application of DBT and participate in research activities at the Australian DBT Institute.

If you are seeking training in DBT for your organisation please contact Peter King via email peter@cmhe.org