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We provide educational pathways leading to career opportunities for mental health professionals. Click on one of the buttons below to view your preferred professional development program!
Australian DBT Institute was established in 2004

We offer a range of approaches!

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a type of behavioural therapy that combines acceptance and change strategies, primarily used to treat individuals with maladaptive under control presentations and other emotional regulation difficulties.

Stabilisation Based Therapy (SBT)

Stabilisation-Based Therapy is an approach aimed at addressing acute symptoms and ensuring safety by providing immediate therapeutic interventions to stabilise individuals in crisis before engaging in longer-term therapeutic work.
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Radically Open DBT (RO DBT)

Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (RO-DBT) is a specialised form of therapy focusing on maladaptive over controlled presentations by promoting openness, flexibility, and social connectedness in individuals who tend to be overly inhibited or rigid in their behaviours and emotions.

Trauma Informed Approaches

The Australian DBT Institute offers a range of training options in trauma informed approaches including Somatic Trauma Therapy (STT), Mindfulness Based Approaches, Stabilisation Based Therapy (SBT) and Trauma Informed DBT (DBT-TI)

About Us

ADBTI Training Programs are led by Dr. Peter King who is intensively trained in DBT, RO DBT & Somatic Trauma Therapy!
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Open Workshops in Person

We offer open registration training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Radically Open DBT & Trauma Therapy!

Self-Paced Training

Through the CMHE Academy we offer a range of self-paced learning opportunities in DBT & Trauma Therapy!

Workplace Training & Development

All the below workshops are able to be delivered to your workplace by the Australian DBT Institute! Click Here

Zoom & Teams Webinars!

We feature a series of webinars including both 90 minute featured webinars and our Series based webinars over 3-4 weekly sessions.
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Intensive Training

These programs are designed for mental health professionals who want to become proficient in delivering comprehensive DBT or RO DBT. The program involves several days of intensive training, covering the theory, principles, and practical aspects of DBT and/or RO DBT.
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Foundational Training

These training programs are intended for individuals who are new to DBT or RO DBT. They provide an introduction to the core concepts and principles of DBT or RO DBT, making them suitable for clinicians starting our in DBT or RO DBT professional development programs.
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Essentials Training

For mental health professionals who already have a foundational understanding of DBT, Essentials training programs offer deeper insights into specific aspects of DBT, such as advanced strategies for difficult cases or specific populations.
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Skills Training

These skills training programs focus on teaching DBT and/or RO DBT skills to both therapists and clients. They often include group exercises, role-playing, and practical applications of DBT skills.
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Online Training

The Australian DBT Institute, has adapted to offer online training opportunities, making it more accessible to a wider audience. This includes webinars, virtual workshops, and online resources.
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90 Minute Webinars

New in 2024 our 90 minute webinars offer health professionals the opportunity to access webinars on a variety of topics followed by a Q&A session with topic experts from around the world!
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Customised Training

The Australian DBT Institute offers customised training programs tailored to the specific needs and requirements of mental health services clinics, or organisations.
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We offer credentialing over certification upon successful completion of our Comprehensive Training Program, which can be valuable for mental health professionals looking to demonstrate their expertise in DBT.

We also offer the above training options for mental health services onsite or online!

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